Everything you need to know about MMT car insurance

If you have visited our Car Insurance page, you will have already seen that we have four types of car insurance, designed with the best value for money , so that you can choose the coverage you need in auto insurance for your vehicle . But so that you understand their differences a little more, in this post you will find some details that will help you make your choice of auto insurance the most successful.

At MMT Seguros we have car insurance that protects you only against damage that you may cause to third parties and other auto insurance that also protects you against damage to your own vehicle:

Among the first are our Third Party Car Insurance and our Extended Third Party Car Insurance, two types of third party auto insurance (that is, they protect you against the damage that you may cause to others) whose difference lies in the coverage that include. On the one hand, we have the Basic Third Party Auto Insurance that includes coverage such as Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance, legal defense, management of fines, claim for damage to third parties or up to € 300 of help for the recovery of the license card courses. driving and, on the other, the Extended Third Party Auto Insurance that also covers you in the event of broken or repaired windows or if your vehicle is stolen or you suffer a fire.

For those drivers looking for complete protection, we have two types of comprehensive insurance: Full Risk Car Insurance and our Full Risk Car Insurance with Excess . Both offer extensive coverage to cover both the damage that you may cause to a third party and the damage to your own vehicle, but in the All Risk Car Insurance with Excess, the total coverage that your auto insurance includes will depend on the excess that you choose .

(If you have doubts about what is the excess in Car Insurance, be sure to visit our post What is the excess in car insurance? ).

What are the advantages of our Auto Insurance?

That they offer you full coverage for your vehicle, that the value for money is unbeatable and that they include services that can really help you, such as offering you a replacement vehicle if due to an accident, breakdown or theft you cannot use your vehicle (with the additional Travel Assistance coverage).

Depending on the use that you are going to give your car and your experience as a driver, you will need one or another level of protection, an auto insurance adapted to you . That is why at MMT we insist on helping our clients choose the auto insurance that suits their needs to prevent them from paying for coverage that they will never use or that they are left unprotected in certain circumstances that may be really useful.

But what really sets our car insurance apart?

If there is something that we can say that really differentiates MMT Seguros from other insurers, it is the attention. Personalized, direct, close attention, in the first person offered by experts in each area so that both when hiring and managing your auto insurance, you always feel that the decision you have made is the most correct.

In addition, our car insurance is characterized by:

– They have fair and adequate premiums for auto insurance coverage .

– You can customize your auto insurance to add additional coverages that are useful to you.

– They will make you feel really protected and you will have car insurance with a service that will always respond , even in your most complicated moments.

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