Design a Car Insurance For You With MMT

Our car insurance is not closed product, but we give you the option of customizing it by choosing from a wide catalog of additional coverage to make it the perfect car insurance for you and your needs, in a car insurance tailored to your needs

here was a time when all car insurance included certain and unremovable coverages, but nobody wants to pay for services they do not need and at MMT Seguros we know that.

According to a latest study by UNESPA, consumers demand greater flexibility in their car insurance and have more freedom to choose their coverage.

For this reason, for a long time, in our Car Insurance you have the flexibility to adapt your insurance to your needs, expanding the coverage included with other coverage and added services that can help you in your day to day or give you a greater response depending on the type of driver you are. A car insurance tailored according to your needs .

Our full-risk car insurance , full-risk car insurance with excess , third-party car insurance such as our extended third-party car insurance offer you this option to customize the coverages.

How do you know what additional coverages you would be interested in including in your MMT custom car insurance?


The coverages you will need to have your custom car insurance

Let’s put some examples that will help you to know the coverages you will need for your customized car insurance:

If you reularly drive on rural roads or areas near forests or mountains, you will be more likely to need coverage for accidents caused by hunting animals ( game animals) than if you usually drive through cities.

If you are self-employed or need your vehicle to work, the additional coverage of the Vehicle Stoppage Subsidy that compensates you financially in the event that you are unable to work due to an accident of which you were at fault, can guarantee your peace of mind.

If, on the other hand, you manage properties or have a small company or business, perhaps include in your car insurance the additional coverage of Telephone legal advice and assistance in the management of legal documents, which puts at your disposal a legal office to also be consulted in Issues not related to your vehicle (labor issues, leases, criminal law, property matters …) can be cheaper than hiring a law firm when you need to do your business.

Our recommendation is that you review all the additional coverage offered by MMT car insurance and ask yourself , is it useful for me? How likely am I to need it? The answer will give you the solution to configure a car insurance tailored to your needs . And if you have doubts, you can always contact our team of experts who will help you, in a totally personalized way, to decide on the most suitable coverage for you in order to find your perfect tailored car insurance.

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